Our Challenge

As Conservatives, we have allowed ourselves to be painted by Liberals as racist, Islamophobic, bigoted, and just about every other -ist, -phobic, and negative suffix available to them.

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Our Mission

As Conservatives, we must reach out to minorities and younger voters.

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Our Story

On November 7th, 2018 we woke up to the realization that the way Republicans and Conservatives are packaging our Conservative message is no longer working.

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This short animated video (below) explains who we are and why we can save Texas from going blue.

Jon Williams
Cool Conservatives
Founder and President


Dear Fellow Conservative,

The past election cycle in Texas tells us what Young Republicans have been saying for years… we can no longer ignore younger and minority voters as a Party or as a movement.

Voters aged 18-40 are increasingly voting for liberals, and in Texas voted in an almost 3-1 margin for Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz.

If we have any hope of stopping this trend, we need to reach out to those voters and plant the seeds of Conservatism. Without a doubt, when ideas are placed side by side, Conservative ideas win over Socialistic ideas every time. We’ve simply failed to plant the seeds of free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty and instead have allowed liberal schools and universities to program our younger generations to equate those ideas with racism, bigotry, etc.

We can reach them where they are, plant the seeds of Conservative ideals, and win back enough younger voters to keep freedom alive.

As a digital media expert (Owning and operating General Media Solutions), I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in deep targeting campaigns on social media for both my own company and my clients. I’ve made them millions of dollars in sales for a fraction of the prices charged by other “professional advertising agencies”. (To the tune of 6 cents to the dollar).

I am now using my experience and passion for social media advertising to help keep Texas red and win over the next generation of voters where they are… Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and sometimes Facebook. I believe I can do this better and more efficiently than political agencies already do.

Furthermore, I will be training Republican auxiliaries and campaigns on my social media techniques in order to multiply our efforts in winning over the 18-40 vote.

We need your help. It is our goal to invest $4+ million in deep targeted social media ads by the next Presidential election… while expecting the same results that $50 million or more spent on the same old ad agencies and consultants would get us. Please donate generously and as soon as possible.

It’s time to focus on winning the younger vote.


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We need your help

In order to reach out and Make Conservatism Cool Again, we need your donations. Our goal is to spend $4 million on deep targeted advertising campaigns over the next two years.
It's just a drop in the bucket compared to what Soros and O'Rourke are spending in Texas, but we are spending smarter.
Please join us and donate generously.